ƒ(x) About Spawnfest

An annual 48 hour development competition in which teams of skilled developers get exactly one weekend to create the best Erlang applications they can

Winners announced

Our judges have picked the winners! We're happy to announce that the team SMELLS LIKE BEAM SPIRIT won the first place with their BigWig project. They earn themselves the iPad2 and $500 in O'Reilly books.

Head over to the Winners section of the site to see the other prizes given to other teams.

Thinking concurrently

Spawnfest is a 48 hour Erlang development competition where you can compete against other developers in building the best, most breathtaking Erlang application, library or anything you like!

We hope Spawnfest will help bring the Erlang developer community together and get people interested in our favorite programming language

It was a blast!

Needless to say, it was an intense weekend! We've got some great submissions. We're organizing transfer of qualified entries to the judges and expect results to be announced in two weeks or so. Stay tuned!

Some numbers

We had about 60 teams signed up, 40 teams that proceeded to the actual contest and, as a result, over 20 judicable entries — good numbers for the first run. We do hope to get more contestants next time, though!

→ July 9-10, 2011

First Edition Winner:

The BigWig Project