An annual 48 hour development competition in which teams of skilled developers get exactly one weekend to create the best Erlang applications they can

Winners Announced

It took a while, but the results of Spawnfest 2012 have finally been announced. Click here to check out the winners of this biggest Spawnfest ever!

All projects can be found on GitHub

Spawnfest over

Oh my! Spawnfest is over and it was a lot of fun! A lot of great project got finished and you can check them out at

Now we wait for our awesome judges to go over the projects. Stay tuned!

Spawnfest going strong

Spawnfest started a few hours ago and the teams are busy writing code all over the world.

Spawnfest starting soon

Spawnfest is starting in a few hours! If you signed up but have no idea what to do next you should look for the e-mail we sent them with further instructions.

Join us as #spawnfest on Freenode if you have any questions. You can also tweet to us at @spawnfest.

Good luck!

Find a team!

You want to take part in Spawnfest but don't have a team yet? Check out our Find a team page here. We will try to hook you up with someone as soon as possible!

Thinking concurrently

Spawnfest is a 48 hour Erlang development competition where you can compete against other developers in building the best, most breathtaking Erlang application, library or anything you like!

We hope Spawnfest will help bring the Erlang developer community together and get people interested in our favorite programming language